Zero Cho Aniki PSP ROM PPSSPP – Japan

Zero Cho Aniki  PSP ROM PPSSPP – Japan

Zero Cho Aniki is an action-based old-school fighting game developed in Japan and America for PSP, ROM, and PPSSPP. The fighter will use advanced fighting skills, and the helping tutorial is displayed at the beginning of the mission, and you can get the guide for the intensive fights and defeat your enemies. The epic struggle fights will introduce the players to bounded muscle characters and modern fighting tactics to defeat the opponent players.

Category Information
Game Title Zero Cho Aniki PSP ROM PPSSPP – Japan
Console PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date December 18, 2009 (Japan)
Genre Shoot ’em up / Side-scrolling shooter
Developer Extreme Co. Ltd.
Publisher Extreme Co. Ltd.
Mode Single-player
Platform PPSSPP emulator for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS
Language Japanese
Rating CERO D (17+)

Features of Zero Cho Aniki 

In Zero Cho Aniki, players will explore manliness with adventurous challenges and fighting techniques to strengthen their players and earn more rewards. The helping characters are included in various numbers, and you can design your characters and battles with customized options and boost your experience levels. You will also explore the following enhancing features of muscular characters:

  • In the builder powers of Cho Aniki, players will use one of the players, like Idaten, Shoten, and Benten, to explore the love for muscular fights and learn about the brother’s love.
  • The main goal is to achieve more protein and get stronger and more powerful than other players.
  • Bomb attacks are used in Zero Cho Aniki, and players can use these tools for a limited time and their display time is shown on the screen. You can achieve your muscular fighting targets before the completion of the bomb attack.
  • The firing situations of the bomb are accessible for a limited time, and you can get all protein packs and stock for your advanced fighting levels.

Players can also choose multiple helping characters like Adon, Mika, and Semson to destroy all enemies and their hidden resources to unlock more adventurous experiences of Cho Aniki.