Are you looking for a way to run your favorite PSP (Playstation Portable) games such as GTA 5, Ghost of Sparta, Tekken 6, and Assasin’s Creed on your Android device? If so, then look no further than PPSSPP. 

App Name PPSSPP Gols
Category Tools
Version v1.14.4
Size 22.5
Android 4.0 and Above
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About the App:

PPSSPP is an android open-source emulator developed by Henrik Rydgard, which allows users to run their favorite PSP games on Android devices. The application was initially released in 2010 for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android users. Currently, it is available on Play Store and has been downloaded over 100M+ times with an average rating of 4.4+/5.0 by more than one and a half million users worldwide.

PPSSPP is considered the world’s leading Android emulator based on the number of downloads and ratings it has earned. However, it doesn’t mean that it has got no competition. There are many alternatives available such as RetroArch, Rapid PSP, and Rocket PSP, but they aren’t as good as PPSSP, and I’ll explain in this article later. “Why?”.

Features of PPSSPP:

Some of the advantages of PPSSPP Include HD graphics, Resume State, built-in controls, and default Cheats to add cheats code with ease and many more.

 If you are interested in knowing about these features in detail, then stay with us and read this article till the end.  

Enjoy HD gameplay:

One of the main advantages it has over RetroArch, Rapid PSP, and other emulators is its Support for higher resolution. The application support Full HD 1024p resolution and even higher depending on your Mobile Hardware compatibility. By default, the Auto-Resolution adjustment option is enabled, and with the help of built-in hardware detection, the application adjusts your graphics quality as per your device compatibility to provide a quality lag-free experience. At any moment, if you feel like the quality of graphics is not up to the mark (how you wanted) or due to lag, you want to decrease it. Well, no worries, because you can adjust it as per your need.

Using the Settings option available in the navigation bar, players can adjust their Gameplay graphics settings with ease.


Along with the Resolution adjustment, multiple other visual features are also available such as you can lazy load texture, rendering duplicate frames to 60Hz, Autoframe skip, and many more. 

Resume State:

It is one of the premium features of the app. If you have already used other emulators of this genre, I’m sure you would have noticed that there is no Auto or manual Save option for saving your gameplay data. But here, you don’t need to worry because PPSSPP features built-in Resume State functionality, which automatically saves your progress. Along with the auto-save option, players will have a choice to save their gameplay data manually. 

Variety of Languages:

If you are not a native speaker or fluent in English and finding it hard to navigate through the application. Well, no worries because applications support multiple languages. More than 40 languages, from Arabic, Azeri, Deutsch, Espanol, Farsi, French, Italian, to Indonesian, and many more, are accessible via the UI system settings section available in Settings. 


So, from whatever part of the world you are, with multiple language choices, I’m sure you’ll feel like PPSSPP is your own natively developed emulator for PSP games.

Customize Gameplay Controls:

By default, PPSSPP features arcade-style built-in controls, which allow you to control your character with your fingers. However, it does support most of the modern-style third-party controllers as well. In order to provide users with an enhanced experience, the PPSSPP developers team also added customization functionality. By utilizing the “Controls” section options available in the main app settings, players can customize their gameplay Controls. From Gameplay key mapping to control layout, Button capacity (size+transparency), and Gesture mapping, everything is customizable. In terms of gameplay controls and customization, I believe the app won’t disappoint you. 

Fully Customizable:

Compared to RetroArch and other alternatives, one of the main reasons why PPSSPP is the world’s leading Android Emulator to date is because it is Highly Customizable. As explained above, from graphics to language choices, Audio, and gameplay control, everything is customizable. That’s not all; with the help of the System section in the settings, players can customize the UI of the app, including the background theme, its color, and even font styling. 

Some Other Exciting Features:

  • Support Multiplayer Gameplay:

Using the Networking functionality of the application by connecting your device via WLAN or local network, you can enjoy your favorite PSP games in multiplayer mode with your friends and relatives. 

  • Security and Transparency:

In order to build trust and provide a transparent gaming environment, PPSSPP developers made all the coding of the application public. From the hrydgard profile on GitHub, you can access all the application programming and even edit it according to your need.

  • Ads-Free Experience:

Unlike most Android free-to-use android applications, PPSSPP offers an ad-free experience. 

  • Default Cheats:

PPSSPP features a default Cheats option which you can enable to apply Cheats while playing. However, keep in mind some PSP games don’t support cheats, and even after enabling this feature, you might not be able to add cheats.

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