Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The data from users’ browsers is collected to process the improvements and latest changes in the security server of PPSSPP Games Download. The information is also shared for indexing and analytics to protect the privacy of users and websites. We are eager to collect some selected information and data that is used from the browser of users.

Our Collected Information

PPSSPP Games Download is the most authentic source to provide exciting old games, and we need the system to keep a record of our users and customers. We collect the name and accurate date and time of the particular visit of visitors. The internet protocol address is also gathered with the complete information of the browser, and we keep this information for a short time. 

We manage our service to improve the portion and posts where the users spend their time, and it will help to detect the analytics to monitor the total visits on our website.

Cookies to Track the System Improvement

Advanced cookies of the PPSSPP Games Download is the tool to send a quick message to the user’s browser to provide an improved interface. The cookies will work for the system to update and manage the links with a fast downloading speed. These cookies are automatically deleted and removed when you leave our website and close your internet system.

Tracking becomes easier with these cookies because they will monitor the data of users and save information like IP address, internet service and total time on the website. If you block the access of cookies, you will not experience the smooth experience of our website.

Access to Third-Party Servers

Our website accesses the general data of our users to improve the user experience and services with third-party companies.

  • We may share your non-personal data to improve the advertisement process. These ad companies will use your IP address, and the targeted ads are displayed on your device.
  • If you log in to forms of third-parties services, we will save your data and protect it for your security.
  • On lawful actions and services, the data may be provided to these servers for the trust and the security of our users.

Updates in Our Policy

Our website is eager to provide the updated and latest open sources to enjoy the new and exciting updates of the games. So in some cases, we change our policies according to the different updates and improvements. These changes will be announced on this page to monitor the privacy and security of our valued users.