Zendoku – Europe (M5)

Zendoku –  Europe (M5)

Zendoku is a logically based puzzle game on PSP and PPSSPP to develop the intellectual experience of multiplayer in different challenging missions and obstacles. The Zendoku is standing in a significant position in Europe and other countries due to logical facts to defeat other players on a realistic basis. Numerous mini-games are also included to practice the analytical skills to defeat other players.

Information Details
Game Name Zendoku – Europe (M5)
Platform Nintendo DS
Genre Puzzle
Developer Zoonami Ltd.
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Release Date May 25, 2007 (Europe)
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
PEGI Rating 7+
Game Features Sudoku-style gameplay with martial arts theme, various game modes including story, challenge, and arcade modes, customizable characters and difficulty settings, wireless multiplayer mode.

Combat Puzzles of Zendoku

In Zendoku, players will play with symbols instead of numbers, and letters, and numerous characters are included to support your player. The Ai system controls the challenge, and both players will turn the symbols to solve the puzzles. You can unlock more smart and intelligent characters that will boost your performance, and then the losing characters will compete with combat skills to gain balance and stability. Players can set the themes to get more accurate results and compete with multiplayer to solve more mysteries and problems.

  • The puzzles of Zendoku(M5) are created in an exciting way to refresh and draw your problem-solving skills in a funny way.
  • Players can also choose single and multiple modes to become experts in mysteries and logical solutions.
  • Numerous fighting battles are included in the mini-games of Zendoku to solve your fights with puzzles and different patterns.
  • While winning the competition, your character will unlock more symbols and slowly become an expert in solving all problematic and challenging patterns.