Yggdra Union

Yggdra Union

Yggdra Union is an adventurous RPG game with exciting battlefields to protect the kingdom Bronquian with specific skilled cards. The leading character is the female character Yggdra who creates a vast army to fight with enemies and gods of many planets to protect her land. The gameplay of Yggdra Union is created for PSP, and players can use tactics and effective action plans to help the hero character to create a powerful union among the army and opponents.

Yggdra Union General Information
Developer Sting
Publisher Atlus
Platform(s) Game Boy Advance, PSP
Release Date Game Boy Advance: 2006
PSP: 2008
Genre Tactical role-playing game
Modes Single-player
Rating ESRB: Teen

Attacking Missions for Yggdra Union

Players will explore the strategic plans of Yggra to create a large army and fight to destroy opponents. The war result causes the death of civilian people, and union missions are designed to create peace and union in the whole kingdom. 

  • The characters in the army are unique, and they will learn more skills to take control of their land, and actions are controlled by one turn.
  • Players will wait for their turn, and you can destroy your turn at any time and fight with more bravery to unlock more intensive fights.
  • Clean instructions will be displayed on the screen to attack, plan and use weapons to fight with opponents’ armies.

Skills of Card System

Players will collect more cards to get dominancy over opponents, and these cards contain specific skills that will help in battlefields; you can collect three types of cards in Yggdra Union:

  • Pow
  • Mov
  • Ace

The card of pow will provide power against damages, and you can get more ability with many of these cards. Players can move their characters and army with a mov card, and the ace card will use as a powerful weapon and sword for the whole union to kill opponents.