Xyanide Resurrection (Europe)

Xyanide Resurrection (Europe)

This shooting game resembles the Gradius V. In the Xyanide Resurrection (Europe) shooting game, the player is given his spaceship, using the jets to destroy the waves sent by his enemy. As waves of enemies come at your ship from all sides, you have to look at every angle.

Category Information
Game Title Xyanide Resurrection (Europe)
Platform PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Genre Shoot ’em up, scrolling shooter
Developer Playlogic Entertainment
Publisher Playlogic Entertainment
Release Date PlayStation 2: October 27, 2006
PlayStation Portable: February 1, 2007
Modes Single-player, multiplayer (PSP only)
ESRB Rating E10+ (Everyone 10 and up)
PEGI Rating 12+
Game Description Xyanide Resurrection is a fast-paced sci-fi
shooter that puts players in the role of a pilot
fighting through a dangerous universe filled
with enemies and obstacles.

The outstanding features of the Xyanide Resurrection (Europe) game are that you can try out the weapon before the battle starts, which helps new players when they download the game, and yes, another facility. Also, this game sells weapons here before the war. All custom items are available. All items on your ship will be replaced. This console is the only PlayStation portable developed and published by evolved games. Its region is Europe version and Asia whereas initially released on 31 Aug 2007 to date it has been downloaded one million over time. 


Custom Upgrades to Laserguns, Shotguns, and Rocket Launcher 

This new version is developed with new exciting features not present anywhere in the game. Xyanide Resurrection (Euopre) game, you have not played direction on android devices. It’s developer gives permission only for one portable play station platform, don’t worry. It’s better solution is an android emulator download on your android devices, personal computer, iPhone operating system, window operating system, mac, laptop, or more than you need before downloading the PPSSPP emulator. If you want to download this application, we provide your required app here. When you play Xyanide Resurrection (Europe) on an emulator, the android offers customized graphics settings and a customized controls system, meaning various inputs can control a spaceship to destroy the opponent’s waves quickly. No issue is faced in graphics because this app function is offered with all parts customized and enhanced to mostly download in the overall world.