Viewtiful Joe PSP ROM PPSSPP

Viewtiful Joe PSP ROM PPSSPP

Viewtiful Joe is an action-packed, thrilling game that revolves around the realistic interface of the fighting scene and makes your opponents destroyed. The series of Viewtful Joe is also known as red hot rumble, and the background changes from earth to the movieland locations. You can easily control your fighting player with the PSP, PPSSPP controllers, and the ROM system. The challenging fights of Viewtiful Joe will make you surprised and pleased with amazing magical movements and actions.

General Information Description
Game Title Viewtiful Joe
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date November 18, 2004
Developer Capcom
Genre Action, Beat ’em up
Mode Single-player
Description Viewtiful Joe is a side-scrolling action game that follows the adventures of Joe, an ordinary guy who transforms into a superhero in order to rescue his girlfriend from the clutches of evil. The game features a unique art style that combines 2D and 3D graphics, as well as innovative gameplay mechanics that allow players to slow down or speed up time to gain an advantage in combat.

Background of Viewtiful Joe

In the storyline of Viewtiful Joe, the characters are named captain blue, and the fighter is Joe and the other helping character. The captain decided to make competitions to fight the real challenges to become a hero for his auditions. There are seven series of fights where you will explore realistic and difficult fighting situations.

Action Movements of the Player

You have control of Joe, and the PSP controller will make easy the movements of your character, and he will move in all directions with fast speed. You have to avoid the hits of opponent players and enemies to save from any injuries and maintain your number counts of life circle. You can jump high and kick with fast motion to finish the enemies.

  • The players will unlock more bonuses and powers after the hard fights, and the quests are provided for health retention and safety.
  • Multiple effects are provided to add more power to the action of the player, and you can unlock more hard levels to compete with opponents and win these fights.