Valkyrie Profile PSP

Valkyrie Profile PSP

Valkyrie Profile is an exciting battle game about eight chapters of fights that are exploded with surprising challenges and quests. The storyline of Valkyrie Profile surrounds the character of Lenneth and twenty-four other characters. You will explore the challenging situations and collect weapons and fighting skills to compete with the other monsters and opponents.

General Information Details
Game Title Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth
Developer tri-Ace
Publisher Square Enix
Release Date July 18, 2006
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Action role-playing
Modes Single-player
Story The player controls the Valkyrie Lenneth, who must recruit and train fallen human warriors to fight in the war between the gods
Gameplay Combines side-scrolling platforming and traditional turn-based RPG elements
Graphics Updated graphics and cinematics from the original PlayStation version
Reception Received positive reviews for its story, gameplay, and graphics, and is considered a classic of the RPG genre

The main character of Valkyrie Profile will collect the souls of mighty warriors to get help in the fight against giant warriors and monsters. The attractive features of the gameplay include the three basic modes of the game:

  • Normal Mode
  • Easy Mode
  • Hard Mode

The fighting situations will be appeared according to the selection of these fighting modes, and you can experience challenging fights and challenges. When you select any modes, these will be displayed with different storylines, and you will observe the different ends of each challenge. 

Fighting Location & Weapons

You will explore the 3D map of the Valkyrie Profile and enjoy the variety of weapons that are available according to the level of fighting mode. The variety of firearms includes the light and heavy sword, archer, mage, and lancer with samurai options, which can be selected with the availability of particular characters.

You can control your Valkyrie character with the PSP controller and move your fighter player with simple actions. The action tasks will evolve the puzzles and the numerous intensive challenges that will make your character more strong, and you can unlock further hard-fighting challenges.