Ultraman PSP

Ultraman PSP

Ultraman is an adventurous PSP fighting game with the best fighting situations to get more pleasure and rewards by winning competitions. The video game Ultraman PSP is designed from the Japanese series, and the background evolves around survival competitions. The target of players is to get more experience in fighting styles and select the single or multiple fighting to compete for your fight and unlock more challenging fights.

General Information
Game Title Ultraman PSP
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date March 22, 2007
Genre Action, Fighting
Developer Banpresto
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating E (Everyone)

Fighting Modes of Ultraman 

The fighting situations of the Ultraman decide the performance of the player, and you can select the basic modes that are

  • Visual Fighting Mode
  • Battle Mode

Both modes include eight or nine competitions, and you can also get the chance to get power-ups and defeat your opponent. The performance of the player is displayed on the screen, and you have to attentively fight and retain your position. In Ultraman PSP, the meter reading starts when the competition begins, and you have to observe your health and energy to get more points. A player’s life score range is vital in competitions, and always try to destroy your competitor before you lose your life bar. In some cases, boosters are awarded for better performance, which will double your meter.

  • In fights of the Ultraman series, the players will use the basic fighting styles like punches, kicks, and the, and with more experience, you can build more fighting skills.¬†
  • It also provides a chance to unlock more horrible situations and fights so you can destroy monsters and other players as your competitors.