Twisted Metal – Head On

Twisted Metal – Head On

Twisted Metal – Head On is an exciting series to chase the vehicle tournaments and win your biggest wish of life. This game was developed by incognito entertainment, and the updated series is developed from the previous series. The twisted metal allows fantastic features, and you can explore horrible situations to escape obstacles and challenges. There is a variety of players and drivers who will participate in competitions and want to fulfill their biggest wish in life.

Category Information
Game Title Twisted Metal – Head On
Developer Incognito Entertainment, Eat Sleep Play
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date March 24, 2005 (North America) / March 25, 2005 (EU)
Genre Vehicular combat
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Rating ESRB: T (Teen) / PEGI: 16+
Synopsis A tournament held by the enigmatic Calypso, where drivers compete in vehicular combat to win their deepest desires.

Surprising Aspects of Twisted Metal

The challenging fights of gameplay start with the boss character of Calypso, who will conduct the races of twisted metal and face the mystical obstacles to win the match. You will control your vehicle with the PSP controller and use the highest speeds to compete with other multiplayer.

You have to find the booster points that will cause the strength of your vehicle, and you can become the person who can complete the biggest wish. The racing environments are not easy, you will explore the deadly conditions, and almost 12 horrible situations are provided to make your vehicle damaged. You have to drive the cars carefully and never slip from high altitudes and mountains that can cause a loss for your racing competition.

  • The players will access the weapons of machine guns, missiles, and rockets to fight in challenging arenas and become strong enough to become survival players. 
  • The players will play the mini-games of twisted metal to get more power-ups and unlock new powers. 
  • The competitions among the multiplayer are connected through the wireless service to observe the conditions of each other vehicles and unlock more rewards and bonuses to get more points for the Head On journey.