Tomb Raider PSP

Tomb Raider PSP

Tomb Raider is an adventurous and action-packed game to explore the wonders of the numerous landscapes and mystical fight competitions with giant opponents. The character of Tomb Raider is designed for Lara croft, a strong female player with strong strategies and tactics. Animation and HD graphics of Tomb Raider will make you attached to Lara, and you will unlock more locations in Egypt and the ancient tomb and landscapes.

Category Information
Game Title Tomb Raider PSP
Developer Crystal Dynamics
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Release Date August 9, 2007 (North America), August 31, 2007 (Europe)
Genre Action-adventure
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Modes Single-player
Plot Lara Croft goes on a mission to uncover the truth behind the disappearance of her mother, and discovers a mysterious artifact with the power to control time.
Gameplay Features – Ability to slow down time using the artifact<br>- Variety of weapons and gadgets<br>- Puzzle-solving elements<br>- Platforming and exploration<br>- Upgrades and rewards for completing challenges<br>- Boss battles and intense action sequences
Reception Generally positive reviews, with praise for graphics and gameplay, but criticized for camera controls and difficulty spikes.

Mysteries of Tomb Raider PSP

Tomb Raider is a surprising game, and while moving forward in your gameplay, you must become attentive to the attacking enemies. The attacking enemies are monsters, animals, opponent fighters, and the deadly horrible animals to destroy your character. With the passing experience of Tomb Raider, you will become more expert in detecting hidden animals, and you can attack these animals with arches, swords, and knives.

The players can control Lara’s movements and actions with the PSP controller and build strong fighting interactions with the attackers. You can enhance the performance of the character with boosters and challenges that can increase your powers. The side challenges are arranged based on daily challenges that will increase your combat skills, and you can unlock more intensive fighting competitions.

  • There are hidden puzzles and power packs that will help to store energy and health of Lara so that she can compete with enemies without any failed attempts. 
  • In each level, you have to cross tombs and traps to increase your performance, and your character will become more expert in combat skills.