TNA Impact – Cross the Line Europe

TNA Impact – Cross the Line Europe

TNA Impact – Cross the Line Europe is developed for wrestling lovers with highly professional fighting styles with nonstop wrestling actions on PSP and other players. Players can learn the basic tactics of fighting during beginner levels and develop expert styles to defeat other opponent players. The fighting mode is designed to do wrestling for four players at a time and experience the most professional and tough competitions and tournaments.

Category Information
Game Title TNA Impact – Cross the Line Europe
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Developer Midway Studios Los Angeles
Publisher SouthPeak Games
Genre Fighting/Sports
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Release Date September 18, 2009 (Europe)
ESRB Rating T (Teen)
PEGI Rating 16+
Game Modes Story Mode, Exhibition Mode, Ultimate X, Six Sides
Wrestling Venues Impact Zone, Backstage, Parking Lot, Arena
Playable Wrestlers 25

Gameplay of TNA Impact – Cross The Line Europe

The exciting fact of TNA Impact – Cross the line is the wrestling skills, and you can participate in different mini-games and challenges to get more awards and points in competitions. 

  • The performance of fighting characters is displayed on the screen, and the impact meter is shown to highlight the performance and tactics of each player. 
  • The other meter is the damage meter, which will indicate the injuries and internal damage to the player, which will have a huge impact on wrestling fights. 
  • The expanded feature of TNA Impact will allow you to save the performance of each level, and you can gradually add more players in advanced missions.

Matches for TNA Impact

You can explore basic modes of story mode and matches to play in tournaments with other players. Some matches are tough that will leave you wounded in wrestling space, and in other ones, you can play with the nerves of players to defeat them. In advanced levels of tournaments, players can customize the skins, tattoos, and prints on the body of characters to make them more attractive and unlock more strong and professional players for online matches on your PSP.