Tenchu 4 Plus

Tenchu 4 Plus

Tenchu 4 Plus is an adventurous game to compete with hostile units using stealth defensive mechanisms on PSP and Wii. In Tenchu 4 Plus, players will use maps and some helping weapons and tools to compete with opponents. Character performance depends on protecting from shadows and planning strategies to cover the missions without interaction with opponents. You must proceed with the character performance with more care and avoid attacks to protect your health rate.

Category Information
Title Tenchu 4 Plus
Developer Acquire Corp.
Publisher FromSoftware
Release Date August 27, 2009
Platforms PlayStation Portable
Genre Stealth action
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Synopsis In Tenchu 4 Plus, players take on the role of ninja assassins Rikimaru and Ayame as they complete missions and fight against rival ninja clans. The game features a variety of stealth gameplay mechanics, including hiding in shadows, climbing walls, and using disguises to avoid detection. Players can also customize their ninja’s abilities and weapons, and the game includes a co-op multiplayer mode where players can team up to take on missions together.

Features of Tencho 4 Plus

In the gameplay of Tenchu 4 Plus, two characters, Ayame and Rikimaru, are used to participate in stealth competitions with free and challenging modes. The camera angle for the characters is displayed on the screen, and each player can use at least three items to fight with other players. The helping tools can be ropes, swords, and some distraction sources to defeat opponents and explore the following more features:

  • There are almost fifty fighting missions, and they are equally divided into ten levels, and both characters will fight to help each other in difficult situations.
  • All mission assignments are ground-based fights, and the little map is displayed on the screen to instruct opponent hostels.
  • You can use the sword to protect your health, and once you are attacked two times by hostile units, you will lose all progress of missions.
  • Never attack units of enemies without any backup plan, and hide the bodies of characters to prevent attacks. You can boost the quickness and strength of Ayame and Rikimaru to increase your performance and unlock more levels.
  • You can adopt any defensive or protective mechanism for your players and use PSP controllers to control the movement and hide to activities of your characters.