Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

In Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max, the advanced and thrilling fighting styles are provided to make you addicted to the fighting levels. The street fighter series is similar in the controlling option of the players and the fighting competitions. The players will enjoy the fights and be attentive to observe th actions and next movements of the opponent player to save their energy. You can control your fighting player with the PSP controller and enjoy the easy lifting and throwing of opponents.

Category Information
Game Title Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Release Date February 7, 2006
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Fighting game
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Rating ESRB: T (Teen)
Characters 37 playable characters
Gameplay Modes Arcade, Versus, Survival, Training
Features Wireless multiplayer, Game sharing
Reception Generally positive reviews

Fighting Modes of Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

In fighting a fighter, you will observe the auto and manual fighting mode to become skilled in new fighting styles. In auto-fighting mode, you will fight with the computerized selected player, and the manual fighting mode will give you the option to choose the characters from the given fighter characters.

Multiple Isms Fighting Styles

The players will observe the three basic isms to select and fight according to these styles and make their skills more professional.

  • In the A-ism style, you can obtain super fighting styles, and you can defeat opponents with these super moves.
  • X-ism is the street fighting style, and the single player can choose the x-ism to get an awesome fighter.
  • In V-ism, customized options are provided to make your player more powerful using your created stunts and actions.

You can also access the guard power Guage of street fighter alpha 3 max that will make your player protected, and you can regain power and health. These fighting modes of the street fighter will boost your fighting styles, and you can win all intensive street fights.