Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2

Sonic Rivals 2 is a simulator racing game on PSP to explore missing chaos to protect the future from huge destruction. The main characters of Sonic Rivals are Sonic and Tail, with the other three members of the time fighting with Doctor Eggman and other opponents to recover the emerald chaos. The players will fight to restore peaceful conditions, and the whole team will ideally search all locations of each mission and save the earth with different gameplay modes.

Category Information
Game Title Sonic Rivals 2
Release Date November 13, 2007
Developer Backbone Entertainment
Publisher Sega
Platforms PSP
Genre Racing, platformer
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Characters Sonic the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna, etc.
Storyline Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega team up to conquer
the world, and Sonic and his friends race to
stop them by collecting the Chaos Emeralds.
Gameplay Players race through levels, collect power-ups,
and use special moves to defeat opponents.
Reception Mixed reviews, with praise for graphics and
multiplayer but criticism for difficulty.

Playing Modes of Sonic Rivals 2

In Sonic Rivals 2, players will adopt multiple fighting options to discover the missing items and fight in different circumstances of the following playing modes:

  • Story Mode
  • Battle Mode
  • Free Play Mode
  • Knock Out Mode

In each mode, there are exciting story and battle situations that will make you addicted to the sonic rivals game, and you will enjoy all complex missions with more interest. In story mode, four teams are included to search the chaos, and these have to cover all four zones, and the end battle is to defeat the strong boss and unlock the new free-play mode. 

In each racing mode, players will collect up to 150 cards and help detect regions where their enemies are hidden to attack them. The players will access boosters and power-ups highlighting challenges and avoiding the limit of attack time to defeat their opponent players.

  • Each mission in Sonic Rivals 2 will be completed when both players will get access to a flag that is flying in the middle zone of opponent regions. 
  • Players must keep attention towards the limited time of the attack and discard bombs and other weapons to destroy their enemies and get back their stolen objects with more rewards.