Silent Hill – Shattered Memories

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories

Silent Hill – Shattered Memories is an adventurous horror video game with an imagination factor that turns all imaginative thoughts into a realistic situation. The gameplay of Silent Hill begins with the car accident of Harry Mason, who searches for his daughter and explores the horror situations and learns to survive during ghost interaction. Major activities of shattered memories are included in two significant portions with numerous hidden obstacles and challenging problems.

General Information
Title Silent Hill – Shattered Memories
Developer Climax Studios
Publisher Konami Digital Entertainment
Platforms Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable
Release Date December 8, 2009 (Wii), January 19, 2010 (PS2, PSP)
Genre Survival horror
Modes Single-player

Therapist Sessions

The first part will provide options to explore the psychotherapist tests, and characters will go under observation due to interaction with horror objects and shattered memories of his daughter. Players have to answer all the questions and respond to colorful pictures with other tests that will well impact their health, and they will learn to interact with monsters and ghosts.

Explore Silent Hill City

The real target is to explore the hunted area of silent hill and move and jump from different obstacles. You will have to hide from monsters as there are no weapons for attacks, and your health meter is displayed on the screen. In case of any injury and monster attacks, the health meter will become less in ratio.

  • Silent Hill – Shattered Memories is based on a third-person perspective and follow location trackers and solves puzzles to reach the track of the character’s daughter.
  • Another exciting mode is nightmares; most horror situations will appear, and characters must survive during these conditions. 
  • In advanced levels, you can unlock flashlights and other hints to reach on target and get access to more terrifying and hard levels.