Scarface – Money. Power. Respect

Scarface – Money. Power. Respect is an exciting series to get introduced with the thugs and the survival in the multiple manipulative stages to make your own empire. The main character of Scarface is Tony, who gets instruction and orders from boss Frank Lopez and explores the tactics and skills of the underground world. The video game Scarface is played on PSP and ROM players, and they enjoy the enhanced control features.

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Game Title Scarface – Money. Power. Respect
Release Date October 8, 2006
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Strategy, simulation
Developer FarSight Studios
Publisher Sierra Entertainment
Mode Single-player, Multiplayer
Description Based on the Scarface movie, players build an empire in the drug trade in Miami.

Exciting Aspects of Scarface – Money. Power. Respect

In Scaeface, you will explore the main lessons of the thug life, which are money, power, and respect, and you can build your territory region. You will explore the following features of Scarface:

  • Its main task of Tony is to get instruction and spread the drugs and low-quality products in the streets to get more money.
  • More powers will be assigned to the characters who will cause the increase and excess of drugs and money to make your boss happier.
  • The player will explore the Miami area and discover all the drug weapons dealers to spread your business.
  • You must fight with the dealers to maintain your position and loot the black money and products to unlock more intensive situations.
  • There are two fighting modes of Scarface, fight on an individual basis or deal with the groups to become more powerful.

In Scarface, you can fight with the single or multiplayer mode and unlock more vehicles and weapons to fight with opponents. You will discover more exciting locations and fights to enjoy the adventure of Scarface with money, power, and respect.