Saint Seiya Omega – Ultimate Cosmo Japan

Saint Seiya Omega – Ultimate Cosmo Japan

Saint Seiya Omega is the classical PSP and ROM fighting game to protect the saints and the peace of the universe. The saint Seiya was developed in the series of ultimate cosmo Japan, and you will discover the exciting fighting movements and skills that will make your character among the most famous fighter of saints. The combat skills and power-ups are included, and you can unlock more intensive fighting missions by completing your earlier task.

Category Information
Game Title Saint Seiya Omega – Ultimate Cosmo Japan
Developer Bandai Namco Games
Publisher Bandai Namco Games
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date November 29, 2012
Genre Fighting game
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating CERO B (12+), PEGI 12, ACB (PG)
Language Japanese
Characters 50 playable characters from the anime series
Features Story mode, Versus mode, Time Attack mode

Fighting Mysteries of Saint Seiya Omega

The gameplay of Siant Seiya Omega includes the main character Kaga who fights with the opponent’s saints and fighters to gain more power and skills. The sacred saint Athena will cause the Kaga to fight with the opponents to save her so that she will perform all duties more peacefully and in a protected way.

The fighting condition among the saints is more exciting because all the players are more energetic and have a collection of heavenly powers and rays that can destroy any one saint. You have to carefully fight with the opponents and increase your powers more realistically.

The main character of Siant Seiya Omega will be able to unlock more fighting weapons and combat skills that will give him more control over the other saints. You can unlock protective movements and missions and win the battles.

You can also customize the character of saints and unlock the powerful characters and get more rewards. You will adore the graphics of ultimate cosmo japan and will unlock more saint omega powers.