Rockman X – Irregular Hunter (Japan)

Rockman X – Irregular Hunter (Japan)

Capcom has developed Rockman X – Irregular Hunter for PSP and explores the fighting series with great battles with Sigma with 3D gameplay elements. The Rockman X is similar to the series of Mega Man X and unlocks all new and exciting missions to control the opponent player. Now the players can save all the performance and unlock advanced levels with free mode and become experts in all fighting skills and tactics of battles.

Category Information
Game Title Rockman X – Irregular Hunter (Japan)
Platform Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)
Release Date December 17, 1993 (Japan)
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Genre Action, Platformer
Modes Single-Player
Rating CERO: A (All Ages)
Story Overview In the year 21XX, Dr. Thomas Light’s new generation of robots known as “Reploids” are being targeted by a group of rogue Reploids known as “Mavericks.” As the heroic robot known as Mega Man X, players must hunt down the Mavericks and stop their evil plans. With new weapons and abilities, X must face challenging platforming levels and boss battles in order to restore peace to the world.
Notable Features Introduced the character Mega Man X to the franchise, featuring upgraded graphics and gameplay mechanics from previous Mega Man games

Gameplay of Rockman X

3D fighting elements are designed to enjoy the thrilling experience of the irregular hunter and create the dominating fighting actions with the following main features of Rockman X fighting levels:

  • Players can customize the control options and build the performance to unlock the advanced features of the light capsule, the energy bar of the character, and the activation of the weapon for a limited time.
  • In the beginner level, the player will complete all missions, and you can save all progress without any issues and get access to intensive fighting options of infinite days and missions of the opening stage to save the human population from huge destruction.
  • The man of the irregular hunter is designed with energy restoring parts of each part of the robot, and players will fight with more power to make your player more powerful and robust. You can store the weapon tools of head, body, arms, and foot parts in each fighting stage and grab more points.
  • Players can also unlock new destructive weapons and get advanced parts with rewards, and in vile mode, players can also fight with bosses at the end of each mission to defeat all sigma fighters.