Rock Band Unplugged

Rock Band Unplugged

Rock Band Unplugged is a musical PSP video game where you can fulfill your dream of being a popular and professional musical artist. You must learn musical skills and unlock more musical challenges from the start to the extreme levels with fantastic soundtracks. You will explore more musical instruments, their usage, and the attractive tracks to creature the dominant songs and musical band.


Category Description
Game Title Rock Band Unplugged
Release Date June 9, 2009
Developer Harmonix
Publisher MTV Games
Platforms PSP
Genre Rhythm game
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Songs 40+ tracks, with ability to import more
Gameplay Play instruments with button controls
Features Tour mode, Quickplay mode, customization
Reception Generally positive reviews

Features of Rock Band Unplugged

The game performance of Rock Band Unplugged is completely dependent on the players and their co-players, and different modes are available to provide the suitable modes according to your musical skills:

  • Tour Mode
  • Band Survival Mode
  • Warm Up Mods

These classical game modes will help to improve your musical skills, and you can create outstanding tracks by controlling your PSP controller. In this video game, you can customize your character and create your band characters and make your own band with unique features and logos. You can arrange the instruments of the lead, drums, and vocals to create a unique song track and tunes.

Classical Song Tracks

You have to be attentive to the conditions of the band’s performance and observe the minute details that are causing the failures of your band. You can practice on the hundreds of song tracks that are categorized from old to latest song collections and sing the songs on the demand of the crowd.

The additional modes of Rock Band Unplugged will make your song tracks more interesting, and you can conquer the hearts of your listeners. More practice with the instruments will develop a deep interest in music, and you can play the song beats with other players in multiplayer mode.