Qix ++ (Japan) PSP

Qix ++ (Japan) PSP

Markers are used in Qix ++ (Japan) PSP video games, and the goal of each player is to defeat the QIX. Seventy-Five percent part will be cut, and a new level will start as soon as it is cut. In this game, new-level QIX will draw the edges of the triangles and appear as a circle. During the game, some characters try to fail, but more buses will make standing up on one side more difficult. Those pulses will be close to you, so their mission will be to eliminate you.

General Information
Game Title Qix++ (Japan) PSP
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Arcade-style action/puzzle game
Developer Taito Corporation
Publisher Taito Corporation
Release Date December 22, 2011 (Japan)
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer (Ad Hoc mode)
ESRB Rating Not rated
PEGI Rating Not rated

This was initially released on 9 Dec 2009. The developer allows it just on the PlayStation portable platform. If you want an android device or Windows operating system, you need to download the ppsspp android emulation. It enables all PlayStation to mobile games on android, pc, ios, mac, laptop, and other devices without any problems. If you are interested in downloading, you need to click on the download button. The modded version is free and available. 

Avoid The Trap of Qix 

Qix will try everything to make you fail but avoid triangles and circles while making game movies. But When you Play Qix ++ (Japan) PSP Roms with the help of ppsspp, your performance increases to before because you know this work is controlled. Graphics are customized to increase graphics quality quickly, and even you can speed change your character and frame pers second zero to a hundred. Ppsspp allows a variety of devices. No limit. You can play without hesitation on any device. Qix ++ (Japan) PSP is a single-player game without an internet connection while playing. This game has a high score. If you want to save, then click on progress points. This option appears when you click on the settings of Qix ++ (Japan) PSP.