Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice PSP

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice PSP

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is an action-packed fighting game that plays the role of a commander whose sole mission is to clean the city from gangsters on PSP players. Players will control the actions of the commander and the other four characters to fight criminals and gangsters that are performing different actions with the Ai system. In Pursuit Force, you must solve about fifty cases and provide Justice to boost your performance record.

Category Information
Title Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Action
Developer Bigbig Studios
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date December 2007
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating Teen (T)
Synopsis Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice is a high-speed action game where players take on the role of a member of an elite law enforcement agency tasked with taking down criminal gangs in high-speed car chases and on-foot shootouts.

Variety of Justice Fights

All the mission fights are available with five categories of enemies, which are present in state regions, capital cities and other locations of the capital city. Players will access the variety of weapons needed in fighting actions between enemies, and you can unlock more advanced explosive tools in upgraded levels.

There are various vehicles in extreme Justice, like cars, bikes, tanks, and heavy machinery, to chase the gangsters. You can also jump on opponents’ vehicles to finish with sudden actions. Minor missions are available for a limited time length, and players will use helicopters and combat planes to target the gangsters.

Combat Modes in Pursuit Force

You will explore two main modes of pursuit force challenge mode & bounty mode, these modes are unique due to their activities, and players will enjoy the small challenging activities with helping characters. The ad-Hoc feature is included to perform higher performance in their challenges and unlock more challenging fights.

  • Players will also have access to force shop options to get boosters and cheat codes in their performance and use the activation time of these codes with limited actions. 
  • A justice parameter is displayed, and it will add value when players hit the targets and finish all crimes to live in a more peaceful environment.