Over the Hedge Hammy goes Nuts PSP

Over the Hedge Hammy goes Nuts PSP

If you are an animation movie lover, you must have watched the famous movie Over the Hedge. The film revolves around a raccoon who tricks his fellow animals into doing work for him. Initially, they all think the raccoon is helping them out, preventing humans from snatching their land. However, with time they all begin to doubt his intentions, and soon it is discovered that he is using them to collect food for himself.

System Requirements
PSP Model PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000
Storage Space Required 85 MB
Battery Life 4-6 hours
Screen Resolution Required 480×272
Control Scheme PSP buttons and joystick
Other Requirements/Features Multiplayer mode requires ad-hoc
wireless connection with another PSP

The game also circles the same characters. However, this time, Hammy the Squirrel has a positive role. Instead of deceiving his fellow animals, he has learned to play golf. However, the mischievous side of Hammy persists, and he starts thinking about using the golf club for sinister purposes.

So, in the game, you will have two assignments to complete:

  • Break several human goods by hitting the golf ball on them.
  • Complete holes within a given amount of strokes.

The game is fun to play with several amusing factors.

Fun Factors of the Game

The game has several fun factors that make it a mixture of comedy and action. Along with golfing, you will get to relish other elements of the game as well. These exciting factors include:

  • Visiting human houses and markets to steal their food.
  • Switching between various characters within the gameplay.
  • You will also love the ability to slow things down to give Hammy time to pass the laser security system.

The above elements are not the only things to enjoy in the game. It has more to offer.