Online Chess Kingdoms ROM

Online Chess Kingdoms ROM

Thousands of games are played around the world. Some of these games are new, while others are old. However, very few have a rich and classical history. No game can compete with Chess in this regard. Also known as Checker Board or Shogi, Chess has earned a separate fan base. 

It is a traditional, classical, and universal game. In history, it was cherished equally well by the kings and their knights. Even today, the charm of Chess has not vanished, and we can meet several champions on the field. Inspired by them, PlayStation Portable offers a fantastic Chess game called Online Chess Kingdoms ROM.


Category Information
Game Title Online Chess Kingdoms ROM
Genre Strategy, Chess
Platform PC, Nintendo Switch
Developer Digital Gamecraft
Publisher Konami
Release Date PC: 2008, Nintendo Switch: 2021
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Rating E for Everyone (ESRB)
Synopsis Online Chess Kingdoms ROM is a chess game that offers both traditional chess gameplay and various game modes that add new twists to the classic game. Players can face off against AI opponents or compete against other players online in different game modes and challenges.

This game comes with unique factors and is an absolute delight for Chess lovers. If you, too, love the historical play, give Online Chess Kingdoms ROM a try. You will love all the fanciful features of the game. 

Unique Elements of Online Chess Kingdoms ROM

Online Chess Kingdoms ROM has many unique elements you can cherish while playing the game. It will keep you engaged and give you a practical experience. The game is more challenging than you might think, and you must consider a lot before each move. 

The following unique elements of the game are a must to mention:

  • The game gives you a complete tutorial at the start. 
  • You can learn how to play Chess by watching the tutorial.
  • Daily matches and tournaments.
  • Several opponents to challenge.
  • You will get advanced 2D and 3D AI players.
  • There are several Chess boards to enjoy. 
  • It will increase your brain power and IQ.