The zombie apocalypse is probably the most feared thing in movies. You must have watched several zombie movies where the whole town or city vanishes in days after a zombie outbreak. These movies are a treat for moviegoers because they contain all the elements an action and mystery lover wants. 

Category Information
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Action, Horror
Developer Laughing Jackal
Publisher Laughing Jackal
Release Date November 15, 2011
Modes Single-player
Description In OMG-Z PPSSPP, players control a lone soldier tasked with stopping a zombie outbreak in a city.

 After the tremendous success of zombie movies, many companies began to develop zombie games. One such game is OMG-Z PPSSPP. The game is a proud production of the PlayStation Portable and can be relished on the platform. It has several treasurable moments and relishing elements. You will feel the pragmatic fear of a zombie apocalypse while playing the game. 

Fun Factors of OMG-Z PPSSPP

OMG-Z PPSSPP has several fun factors to take delight in your leisure time. From the bloody atmosphere to blood-thirsty zombies, everything is ready to scare you away.

The plot of the game is set in an imaginary city of Redfield, which is under zombies attack. You will have to fight these flesh-eating creatures by creating a chain reaction. For this purpose, you will have a high-quality weapon that generates killing waves. These waves, in turn, create a chain reaction which keeps killing zombies. 

However, it is a must to know that the game has five different kinds of zombies. You need different strategies to fight and kill these kinds. Some are deadlier and hard to kill, while others can be easier to eliminate. 

The five kinds of zombies are given below:

  • Normal 
  • Fat
  • Police
  • Soldier
  • Acid 

They all affect areas at varying levels.