No Heroes Allowed PSP

No Heroes Allowed PSP

Games and movies are usually famous due to heroes. We all love protagonists and want to play them. On the other hand, antagonists are not liked by people. It means all the games are “No antagonist allowed.” 

However, No Heroes Allowed PSP is not a typical game. It defies all the rules, and the player has to assist evil instead of good. That is what the name tells you. There will be a fight between you and the heroes. You have to prevent their entry in any case to save your character. 

Information Description
Game Title No Heroes Allowed!
Platform PlayStation Portable
Developer Acquire Corp.
Publisher SCE Japan Studio
Release Date Oct 28, 2010
Genre Real-time strategy, Tower defense
Modes Single-player
Plot Player is God of Destruction, must manage a dungeon filled with monsters to defeat hero’s army.
Gameplay Strategically place monsters and traps to fend off hero units, capture and breed monsters to create new ones, use spells and abilities.
Reception Generally positive, praised for addictive gameplay and unique premise, some criticized difficulty and lack of strategic depth.

The game is funny, captivating, and engaging. Several features of the game are unique and remarkable. 

Fun Elements of No Heroes Allowed PSP

Most games revolve around grave situations where you have to engage in dangerous fights. Although these plays contain factors of intrigue and enthrallment, they all lack humor. 

Funny games are more enjoyable, desirable, and preferable. No Heroes Allowed PSP is also such a game that revolves around comedy. It has many comic scenes and funny situations. 

You will enjoy the following captivating elements of the game:

  • The game is all about destruction. 
  • You will need to prevent heroes from entering the gameplay.
  • The lead character is Badman, who is trying to destroy the world.
  • Words on the street say that a group of heroes are on their way to kill Badman.
  • Now it is in your hands to save Badman from the wrath of these heroes. 
  • For this purpose, you must create dungeons or an environment full of monsters.