Need For Speed Underground Rivals ROM

Need For Speed Underground Rivals ROM

Have you ever played the legendary gaming series Need for Speed on PSP? If you have not given it a chance yet, we have a piece of good news for you. Today we will tell you about the PSP version of this popular game.

Category Information
Game Title Need for Speed Underground Rivals ROM
Developer EA Canada
Publisher Electronic Arts
Release Date March 18, 2005
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Genre Racing
Modes Single player, multiplayer
Gameplay Features Customizable cars, street racing, police chases, circuit racing, drag racing, drift racing
Reception Mixed reviews, with praise for graphics and gameplay but criticism for lack of originality and limited content

Need For Speed Underground Rivals ROM is a title for the original Need for Speed game that can be relished on PlayStation Portable or PSP. Yes, you heard it right. Like most other top-notch games, Need for Speed has a PPSSPP version. Now you can cherish all the enthralling elements of this legendary game while appreciating the high-quality graphics of PSP.

Vital Information about Need For Speed Underground Rivals ROM

Before playing this PSP version of Need for Speed, you must know some essential information about the title. It is necessary because knowing some basic features beforehand can enhance the fun. Here are a few things that you must keep in mind before going for the game:

  • All the events will take place at night only.
  • You will need Upgrade Points to book new features.
  • There are two modes in the game, Underground Mode and Quick Mode.
  • You can play either of the above modes.
  • The underground mode has four difficulty levels.
  • You can write your own lettering on car windows, bonnets, or backlights.
  • You can customize your car up to a level, but it will not earn you any points.
  • There is a total of 46 performance upgrades divided into ten categories. 
  • There are six new soundtracks, plus the older one.