Need for Speed Carbon Own the City

Need for Speed Carbon Own the City

The two names in the gaming community are evergreen, and these names are:

  • PlayStation Portable or PSP
  • Need for Speed

If you have ever played games, you can quickly get our point. On the one hand, PlayStation Portable is a unique platform offering thousands of games belonging to several genres. On the other hand, Need for Speed proves to be the most played and loved game of all time. It will not be wrong to say that no other game can ever earn as much respect as Need for Speed did. 

Category Information
Game Title Need for Speed Carbon Own the City
Release Date October 31, 2006
Platforms PlayStation Portable (PSP), Game Boy Advance
Developer EA Black Box, Rovio Mobile
Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Racing
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
Game Description A portable version of the popular racing game, featuring new
tracks, cars, and challenges. Players can customize their ride
and compete in various modes, including Canyon Duel and
Checkpoint Races.

So, what happens when you combine both? You get Need for Speed Carbon Own the City. The installment of the fantastic game for PSP users. It has a unique story and a mixture of newer and older features.

Story and Features

The story of Need for Speed Carbon Own the City begins with Player and their brother Mick meeting an accident. Before the accident, he arranged an illegal street race along with Mick. The accident turned everything upside down. 

With Mick dying and the Player fighting death and amnesia, various bosses begin taking control of several city locations. This polarization turns a single playground into multiple territories. 

After regaining his consciousness, the Player returns to the street with two purposes:

  • To know the perpetrator behind their accident.
  • To reclaim his tracks.

The rest of the plot revolves around several racing tournaments and the Player investigating his brother’s death.