Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ROM

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ROM

Mystery has always been a subject of intrigue for humans. They never cease to love to know what is unknown and wish to see what cannot be seen. Secret missions, attacks, vehicles, places, buildings, and wars are the most famous mystery topics in the gaming industry.

PlayStation Portable understands and responds well to this human wish. Therefore, the outstanding gaming platform presents Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ROM. The game is one of the most played and beloved PSP games. Shortly after clicking the icon, you enter an enigmatic world where everything seems to be under a secretive attack. 

Category Information
Game Title Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
Release Date April 29, 2010
Genre Action-adventure, stealth
Platform PlayStation Portable (PPSSPP Emulator)
Developer Kojima Productions
Publisher Konami
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
Plot Follows Big Boss as he forms a mercenary group and completes missions
Gameplay Includes stealth, combat, and base-building
Reception Critically acclaimed and considered one of the best games in the series

The Story of Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ROM

If you are a moviegoer and love mystery, you must know the fundamentals of a mystery plot. It includes elements of enthrallment, hair-raising moments, and jaw-dropping scenes. The same thing goes for Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker PPSSPP ROM. 

This game has all the elements of thrill and action. The story takes you to the year 1974 in Costa Rica, which is under the attack of an unknown military group. They want to demonstrate their power to the world by utilizing nuclear warheads. When a hero is summoned for help, he comes to know that the group is no other than rogue CIA personnel. 

The game offers several war equipment and uniforms, for example:

  • Battle dress 
  • Sneaking suit
  • Tuxedo 
  • Jungle Fatigues 
  • Handguns 
  • Submachine guns 
  • Shotguns 
  • Assault and Battle riffles 
  • Anti-tank rifles 
  • Machine guns
  • Launchers 
  • Explosives 
  • Mounted weaponry 

Various fun elements in the game will keep you engaged and amused.