Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP

Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP

PlayStation Portable provides the most adventurous, stunning, and pragmatic games. These games are full of thrill and amusement with high-quality graphics and easy control, and that is why it still engages gamers after years of its release.

Category Information
Game Title Lunar Silver Star Harmony
Platform PSP
Genre RPG
Developer Game Arts
Publisher XSEED Games
Release Date Sep 15, 2009
Modes Single player
Plot Follows Alex’s journey to become a Dragonmaster and save Lunar
Features Improved graphics/sound, new story/characters, updated gameplay/interface
Reception Generally positive for story/characters, some criticism for repetitive gameplay.

One example of a similar game is Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP. It has all the elements that an action and enthrallment lover can wish for. This play has a captivating story that keeps your hair raised from beginning to end. You will never find such an adventurous game anywhere else.

Story of Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP

An immature or irregular gamer might start playing a game without looking into its story. However, this is different with pro gamers or the ones who are willing to dedicate their lives to games. These people need everything and look carefully into a game’s plot before going for it.

For them, the Lunar Silver Star Harmony PSP story is nothing less than a blast. It starts in a town far away from the city of Lunar, where a young boy, Alex, lives. He is enthusiastic and wants to become a loyal pupil of the dragon master. To fulfill his dream, he embarks on what seems to be a delightful journey.

However, he does not know what awaits is a chaotic situation, and the world’s peace will soon be in his hands. The following elements of the game will keep you captivated:

  • The graphics are realistic.
  • Arsenals and weapons are powerful.
  • Hand-drawn characters.
  • Voice acting and a wonderful soundtrack.
  • Perfect animation.