Most gamers love puzzles and relaxing games. Such games offer an opportunity to use your creative instincts and relish enjoyable moments. Mystery is one of the most popular gaming genres, which includes several strategic games. Some might offer puzzling questions to solve, while others check your coloring abilities.

Category Information
Game Title Lumines
Developer Q Entertainment
Publisher Bandai (JP), Ubisoft (NA, EU), Buena Vista Games (AU)
Platforms PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 2, Xbox Live Arcade, PC, iOS
Genre Puzzle
Release Date December 12, 2004 (PSP), March 22, 2005 (PS2)
Modes Single-player, multiplayer (local and online)
Gameplay Players rotate and drop 2×2 colored blocks to create squares
that match the rhythm of the music and clear the screen
Music Features electronic music from various artists
Reception Critically acclaimed, received multiple awards and nominations
Sequels/Spinoffs Lumines II, Lumines Plus, Lumines Live!, Lumines Supernova

PlayStation Portable or PSP is not an exception to this famous genre and contains dozens of similar games. One such game is Lumines which challenges your recognition and awareness of the colors and blocks. All you have to do is match the same color blocks and ride up the ladder. However, it is more challenging than it seems because as you progress in the game, it becomes more challenging.

Enchanting Features of Lumines

All PPSSPP games have enjoyable, delighting, engaging, and unique features. They depend on the genre of the game you are playing. You will get similar fun components as Lumines is a puzzle game.

Another incredible thing about the game is it also includes elements of action. That is why it is one of the well-acclaimed games on PSP. You will love the following fun factors of the game:

  • Make various shapes using the same color and surround your image with matching blocks.
  • Complete daily assignments and missions that can earn you many prizes.
  • You can select AI as your opponent and defeat it with your ingenious strategies.
  • Invite your friends to play the game and challenge their coloring instincts.
  • A time limit for each level makes the game more enthralling and hair-raising.

There are more features that you will appreciate while relishing this outstanding game.