Loco Roco 2 PSP

Loco Roco 2 PSP

It is said that the second version of everything does not live up to the audience’s expectations. If the first version goes popular, makers must put much consideration and work into making the second one loveable.

General Information
Game Title Loco Roco 2
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date February 12, 2009
Developer SCE Japan Studio
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre Platformer
Mode Single-player
Rating E for Everyone
Price $14.99 (on PlayStation Store)

The same thing has happened with Loco Roco 2 PSP. When the first installment of the series came out, it took gamers worldwide by storm. Everyone was looking for the game with excitement and joy. You can say that it was a blast from the past. Everyone thought the next installment would not gain that much popularity. However, it was a misconception as it is also liked the same way today.

The Plot of Loco Roco 2 PSP

If you have already played the game, you know where the first version ended. Moja Corps were successfully defeated by LocoRocos and MuiMui. After a tremendous victory, they finally had the time to sit comfortably and enjoy their lives.

On the other hand, Bonmucho, Moja’s boss, did not accept the defeat gracefully. Filled with rage and anger, he came up with a new deadly weapon that could ruin everything. Now, he thinks it is the best time to attack LocoRocos and MuiMui and take them by surprise. 

Can the heroes compete with his dreadful arsenal of destruction? Will they be victorious once again? Well, it all depends on your gaming strategies.

Some vital features of the game include,

  • Swimming skills.
  • The homes are replaced in the latest version.
  • BuiBui Fort, a new location, has been added.
  • The language menu has some alterations.
  • Loco House can no longer be seen.