Little Big Planet PSP ISO

Little Big Planet PSP ISO

If you are a nature lover, you must like adventurous games. These games take you to various natural landscapes filled with several hurdles to overcome. Being a player, your responsibility is to overcome these challenging tasks while relishing the scenery.

Category Information
Game Title Little Big Planet PSP ISO
Platform PSP
Genre Platformer, Puzzle
Developer SCE Studio Cambridge
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date Nov 17, 2009 (NA), Nov 20, 2009 (EU)
Modes Single/Multiplayer
ESRB Rating E
PEGI Rating 7+
Metacritic 87/100 (based on 34 critic reviews)
IGN Rating 9/10
GameSpot 9/10
Length 5-6 hours (Main Story), 20+ hours (Completionist)
Features Create and customize levels
Share levels online
Physics-based gameplay
Costume customization

Little Big Planet is a similar game that allows you to visit various environments. These atmospheres are full of dangerous zones and creatures. At each level, you see a new place with new challenges. The game can be relished on the legendary gaming platform PlayStation Portable with more vivid graphics and easy control. 

Fun Elements of Little Big Planet PSP ISO

Little Big Planet PSP ISO is full of adventurous moments and journeys. The game revolves around two main points:

  • To proffer a playground with several puzzles.
  • To offer an opportunity to be creative.

You will find a number of little and big creatures. Some of them would be fierce, while others might be friendly. Moreover, each environment provides you with new sceneries and puzzles to solve. You need two things to overcome these hurdles:

  1. A proper plan to roam around the atmosphere you are in.
  2. An unbeatable strategy to defeat your enemies.

Both these things need a tremendous mixture of intelligence and creativity. You can win several exciting prizes while jumping from one level to another. However, you must win each stage to visit the next one. 

PSP makes the game more enjoyable with its excellent graphics, straightforward control mechanism, and easy-to-understand interface. You can relish this stunning game by downloading the PPSSPP emulator that helps run the game on an android cellular phone.