Knights in the Nightmare

Knights in the Nightmare

nights in the Nightmare is an action-based shooting game with special updates and changes in battle strategies. A proper system is provided to become an expert in battle features, and you can learn all the simple details to cover your enemies. You will explore three significant steps to fights with enemies:

  • Setup
  • Tactics Preview Screen
  • Actual Fighting Batlle
Category Information
Title Knights in the Nightmare
Developer Sting Entertainment
Publisher Atlus
Platform Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable
Genre Tactical RPG
Modes Single-player
Release Date DS: Sep. 25, 2008 (JP), Jun. 2, 2009 (NA), Jun. 19, 2009 (EU); PSP: Oct. 22, 2009 (JP), Nov. 9, 2010 (NA), Nov. 19, 2010 (EU)
Plot Possess deceased knights’ souls to fight monsters in a coexisting world.
Gameplay Tactical RPG battles with shoot-em-up elements, unique DS/PSP stylus control.
Reception Generally positive reviews, praised for unique mechanics, criticized for difficulty.

These features of Knights in the nightmare are more exciting and provide the conditions to prepare for all the fighting activities. The player will guess the drastic situations and collect more weapons and tools from defeating enemies. You can also learn practices and new skills to adopt in actual battle, collect more power points, and survive for more time.

Features of Knights in the Nightmare

The specific levels are available to become experts in all fighting activities, and players can unlock more fighting characters to explore the following features of Knights nightmares:

  • The major characters are Wisp, Maria, Mellia, and others are Melissa and Marietta, with more unique powers, and they will face different difficulty levels.
  • Players can transfer souls to get more power; then, no damage and attacks will harm these characters.
  • You can unlock more challenging fights and use the strategies to kill your enemies with interactive horizontal and vertical styles that can raise power points to your health.
  • In the actual battlefield, time is displayed on the screen, and you can get gems and powers by successfully hitting targets.
  • You must avoid attacks and manipulative traps to protect your characters; otherwise, you can lose all your fighting performance. 

In advanced levels of the knight in the nightmare, players will adopt the best strategies and collect powerful weapon equipment to defeat their opponent players.