Knight Fortix 2 PSP

Knight Fortix 2 PSP

Knight Fortix 2 is an action-based puzzle game to fight evil enemies and regain control of territory regions with more struggling efforts. Players will control the character of Knight Fortix with PSP controllers, and it will be easy to move your character with quick and strong actions. You will explore landscapers, desserts and mountain areas in advanced levels of Fortix 2 and get more command in combat skills.

Information Description
Game Title Knight Fortix 2 PSP
Developer Nemesys Games
Publisher Nemesys Games
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date November 29, 2011
Genre Action, Arcade
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+

Features of Knight Fortix 2 

The living areas of Artalom are under the command of the player, and you will need the assistance of Floriana to compete with giant enemies. You can use different strategies to avoid the attacks of opponents and explore the following main features of Knight Fortix 2:

  • There are numerous fighting areas of Artalom, and players will develop solid structures and compete with their enemies.
  • You can also unlock more intensive missions, solve fights with puzzle items, and get more rewards.
  • You can get attacks by different wolfs and destructive animals to destroy your characters, so you have to adopt shields and power-ups to fight with these monsters and get expert in all competitions.
  • In Knight Fortix 2, the safety lands are drawn between your character and regions of evil enemies. So never cross these limits to stop the curses of enemies from your regions.
  • In the exciting gameplay of Fortix, players can unlock more locations like deserts, streams and landscapes to turn their regions into peaceful areas where the attacking animals will never harm them.