Kingdom of Paradise

Kingdom of Paradise

Players can control their characters with simKingdom of Paradise is an adventurous action game to explore martial arts skills to survive in challenging battles in PSP and PPSSPP. Magical points are added with characters, and you can unlock more fighting weapons and an Ad-Hoc feature to compete with giant opponents. Players can upgrade their performance, unlock more intensive levels, and collect rewards and operational skills.

Category Information
Game Title Kingdom of Paradise
Platform PlayStation Portable
Genre Action role-playing game
Developer Climax Entertainment
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date Sep 2005 (NA), Sep 2005 (JP), Mar 2006 (EU)
Modes Single/Multiplayer
Plot Follows young warrior Shinbu in ancient China
Gameplay Real-time combat, strategic fighting & magic
Reception Generally positive reviews, Metacritic score of 76
Sequels No direct sequels, part of Ouka series, spiritual successor “Ouka Sabaki Zan” released in 2020

Features of the Kingdom of Paradise

ple actions and collect more skills and weapons to become top-ranked players. In Kindom of Paradise, you can use different martial skills and slowly learn to add additional services to explore the following features:

  • Players in different clans and adventures will use upgraded fighting skills and RPG equipment to become experts in martial arts skills.
  • Different features of Bougei and Shinbu actions will help your characters to collect hidden rewards and increase their magical powers.
  • You will experience dominant changes in fighting techniques and body positioning of the kingdom of paradise in levels up to twenty battles.
  • There are more than 150 skills and sharpen your sword skill to kill your opponents in a short time.
  • With more progress in gameplay, you can become strong in your martial arts, like chai skills, and just two hits will be enough to destroy enemies.

The fighting system of the kingdom of paradise is based on a rival system, and you can unlock different elements to become more expert in challenging battles. The cinematic effects of gameplay will add more quality and strength to your clan skills and use arts and weapons simultaneously to get significant fighting results