Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep PSP

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is a fascinating action-based game with updated mystical characters and adventures for PSP. Players can control the whole game performance with customized selection and choose different modes to unlock all exciting levels. You will be surprised by multiple unlock levels and characters adding mysteries to kingdom hearts.

Category Information
Title Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date January 9, 2010 (Japan), September 7, 2010 (North America), September 10, 2010 (Europe)
Developer Square Enix
Director Tetsuya Nomura
Genre Action role-playing game
Modes Single-player
Storyline Takes place before the events of the original Kingdom Hearts game, following three new characters as they search for the missing Keyblade Master, and uncover the truth about the series’ overarching plot
Key Features Introduces new gameplay mechanics such as the Command Deck system, and allows players to switch between three different playable characters
Reception Critically acclaimed, with praise given to its story, gameplay, and visuals, and considered one of the best games in the series

Characters Selection

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will reveal the complete magical and Disney story from different perspectives. You will know the whole story by unlocking all characters, each with a unique story. There are a few Disney characters to add beauty to birth by sleep, and other secondary characters are also included in this gameplay. 

The main characters of kingdom hearts are Ventus, Aqua, and Terra, and you will adore the collection of magic points and different link options. The links are provided to interact with the command system and enjoy the story in your own style.

Modes of Kindom Hearts

Players can play the Kindom hearts with single and multiplayer modes to enjoy the HD graphics animations and beat other opponent players. The battles of birth by sleep are included in the following multiple modes:

  • Rumble Racing
  • Versus
  • Command Board
  • Arena

Players can play with more than six players to defeat challenging battles and magical fights to unlock more rewards. These modes will introduce survival missions, and players will try to get more trophies and get the highest position. The Ad-hoc features will help to add more practical fighting challenges by magical powers, and in the end levels, you will ultimately know about the background of the whole story of the kingdom hearts.