King of Pool

King of Pool

King of Pool is a funny and adventurous game created for PSP to enjoy snooker playing with different players. The realistic physics-based graphics of King of the pool will make you an expert in different game modes, and you will unlock more levels quickly. In earlier stages, players can learn the rules and strategies of the game, and in advanced stages, they will become expert players and beat the scoreboard with the highest scores.

General Information Description
Game Name King of Pool
Game Type Sports/Simulation
Developer Umair Ahmad
Publisher Umair Ahmad
Platform(s) Android, iOS
Release Date August 2021
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
Game Objective To pot all your balls and then the black ball before your opponent does.
Game Features Realistic physics, multiple cue options, various game modes, tournaments
Price Free to play, in-app purchases available

Game Modes for King of Pool

You will adore the numerous playing situations of the King of the pool and select the single-player options or the multiplayer option to learn about different stages of the pool game with the following modes:

  • Free Mode
  • Trick Shot Mode
  • Career Mode

These modes will provide different options to enjoy the variety of snooker 8 ball pool modes and achieve your targets. The free mode will offer unlimited levels to get more experience in fun procedures of pool shots and get more points. The career and trick shot modes will provide situations to shoot challenging balls and hit the targets in less time. You can play in multiplayer mode, and the Ai system of King of the pool will help you get more points and maintain your position.

Unlock more Deigns & Mini Games

In King of Pool, you can design your pool table, explore more than eleven intensive variations, and learn more pool skills. You can also unlock more mini-games to engage players to collect rewards with multiple locations.