Killzone Liberation PSP

Killzone Liberation PSP

PlayStation Portable has provided gamers with a number of action-packed and enthralling games. All these games were welcomed by the games’ community, who took delight in playing these plays on their platform.

One such game is Killzone Liberation PSP. It is the second instalment of the legendary game Killzone. In the first instalment, the players found themselves in a far future in 2357 after the deadly nuclear war. Most parts of the earth became uninhabitable while the habitable areas were constantly under attack. 

Category Information
Game Title Killzone Liberation
Platform PSP
Genre Third-person shooter
Developer Guerrilla Games
Publisher Sony
Release Date Oct 31, 2006
Modes Single and multiplayer
Plot Jan Templar fights Helghast on Vekta
Gameplay Cover system, variety of weapons, multiplayer
Reception Positive reviews, BAFTA award for Best Handheld Game.

The game follows the battle between two groups, namely, the Helghast and the Vektans. Our hero, Jan Templar, belongs to the latter and is still trying to save his land from the brutality of the Helghast. 

Exciting Elements of Killzone Liberation PSP

Killzone Liberation PSP comes with several indispensable elements that no other game can offer. The scenery is pragmatic, destruction seems to be realistic, war zones are terrifying, and the hero has the ultimate powers.

In this second instalment, southern parts of Vektans are under the Helghast and their tyrant general. Jan Templar needs to liberate these parts from the brutality of General Armin Metrac. You will relish the following exciting elements of the game:

  • You will get to choose between various missions.
  • Each successfully completed assignment has an impact on the others.
  • The weaponry is matchless, and you will love to use it.
  • Vehicles are powerful and in accordance with the landscapes.
  • You can also unlock several potent weapons after completing particular levels.