KAO Challengers

KAO Challengers

KAO Challengers is a video game of an adventurous journey related to Kao the Kangaroo with additional fighting modes to help the birds unlock more challenges. The Kao challengers are created for PSP and PPSSP ROM players to explore the journey of birds and other helping characters. Players will control the kangaroo and interact with different hunters and opponents to defeat them in various stages.

Category Information
Game Title KAO Challengers
Developer Tate Multimedia
Publisher Tate Multimedia
Release Date November 26, 2020
Platforms Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4
Genre Platformer, Adventure
Modes Single-player, Multiplayer
ESRB Rating E (Everyone)
PEGI Rating 3+
Game Description KAO Challengers is an action-packed platformer that lets players take control of KAO, a courageous kangaroo who embarks on a journey to save his animal friends from the clutches of an evil hunter. With fast-paced gameplay, challenging levels, and a variety of abilities and power-ups, KAO Challengers offers an exciting adventure for players of all ages

Background Plot of KAO Challengers

The background of Kao Challengers is included with the main character of a yellow kangaroo who will cover unlimited worlds and become prey to evil hunters. The parrot will communicate with Kao and put struggles to be free from the cage of opponents and learn about unlimited birds and animals living a life of slavery.

  • The Kao will become an expert in combat skills and use different weapons and transport vehicles to travel to numerous destinations. 
  • Players must focus on opponents’ attacks and traps and keep their characters more accessible and attentive.

Unlock Fighting Levels

You will unlock more than twenty challenges and five worlds to explore more fascinating situations and defend many birds and animals. Kao can also learn fighting techniques and select single or multiple modes with four characters. In Kao challengers, players can use different weapons like fires, bombs and magneto with other advanced weapons and destroy skilled hunters. In advanced levels, players can also use different vehicles and snowbirds to reach different worlds and help and guide other animals to live a free life.