Juiced Eliminator PSP

Juiced Eliminator PSP

Juiced Eliminator is a violent racing game with exclusive controlled features of cars on your PSP and ROM player. The variety of classic cars will make you an expert in racing life with hard and challenging tracks, and you must stand in a prominent position with more practice on racing tracks. The players will be able to participate in different competitions and create their team to defeat the other competitive teams and unlock more challenging trials.

Game Features
Juiced Eliminator PSP
Career Mode Build your own crew and dominate the racing scene
Car Customization Upgrade and modify your vehicles for better performance and style
Multiplayer Race against other players in local and online multiplayer modes
Tracks Race on over 50 real-life tracks in various locations around the world
Soundtrack Features a licensed soundtrack with over 40 songs from popular artists
Challenges Complete various challenges to earn rewards and unlock new content
Replay Value Offers high replay value with different customization options and game modes

Background of Juiced Eliminator

The storyline of Juiced Eliminator is based on the location of angel city with various cars and interesting tracks. Nina is the character who offers cars to participate in racing competitions. The players will defeat her, and real competition begins then; you have to play different challenges and get your cars with unlimited unique models and other essential items for boosters.

Variety of Racing Tracks

In Juiced Elimnoiator, unique tracks are provided, and each location has more than eight tracks with the following features:

  • Point-to-point tracks
  • Eliminator
  • Showoff
  • Circuit
  • Relay race
  • Sprint of career mode

Players can also enjoy their racing tracks with challenge mode and compete with other opponent players with dominant positions. These racing tracks consist of the start and end points with different stunts and power-ups to get high speed and reach destinations before other positions. Some tracks are circular, and some are full of abrupt changes and ups and downs to show off your racing skills. Players can customize the essential racing themes and unlock more than sixty advanced racing cars to defeat opponent teams.