Jeanne d’Arc ROM PSP

Jeanne d’Arc ROM PSP

Jeanne d’Arc is an adventurous fighting game for ROM and PSP with advanced skills in weapons and armed tools to defeat enemies with a historic victory. The storyline includes the characters of Jeanne and other helping characters from her party, who are exploring the world. The sudden changes occur with a fight between humans and demons and compete in challenging situations. Players will boost their skills and unlock more missions to send back demons in their territory regions.

Category Information
Game Title Jeanne d’Arc
Platform PSP
Genre Tactical RPG
Developer Level-5
Publisher Sony
Release Date Aug 22, 2006
Modes Single-player
ESRB Rating Teen
PEGI Rating 12+
Synopsis Jeanne leads soldiers with magical powers to fight evil forces in alternate medieval France. Turn-based battles with weapons and magic.

Features of Jeanne D’Arc

In the gameplay of Jeanne d’Arc, players will increase their powers and use the weapons and magical powers to defeat enemies, and you can also explore the following features:

  • Level 5 has developed the higher tactical and RPG elements with proper usage of fighting actions and tools to make your players more powerful.
  • The fighting levels of Jeanne d’Arc are based on turn options for each character, and they will use weapons on their turn, and their performance is recorded to get access to unlock fast actions and powers.
  • Players must avoid attacks from opponents and use a guard shield to protect their identity and power.
  • A detailed map is displayed on the screen to instruct players to follow the opponents and defeat them with powerful fighting skills and unlock more advanced levels.
  • For each winning challenge, players will get surprising rewards and powers, and they will use the adventurous experience to explore more locations on historical maps.