Jackass the Game ROMs

Jackass the Game ROMs

Party shows are offered in Jackass the game, according to MTV shows, with the advanced mode for games similar to Jackass movies for ROM and PSP. There are numerous mini-games where players will perform different stunts and actions according to the story of the movie, and other modes are included to get diversity in gameplay. Players will unlock new challenges with bonuses and rewards when a particular level of stunts is completed.

Category Information
Game Title Jackass the Game ROMS
Platform Various, including PSP, Wii, DS, Xbox 360, PS2
Genre Action, Stunt
Publisher Red Mile, Empire Interactive, Ubisoft
Release Date Sep-Dec 2007
Modes Single and Multiplayer
ESRB Rating M (Mature)
Description Based on MTV show, players do stunts/pranks, includes hosts and show footage.

Modes for Jacksass – The Game

The playing modes are designed according to the original series of Jackass, and the story begins with the sudden injured situation of Jeff Tremaine, and players will perform stunts and directs the uncompleted story of the game. So on the different activities and challenges, players can access the following modes with additional changes.

  • Director Mode
  • MTV Story Mode
  • Theater
  • Episodes Mode

These modes are classified on the basis of unique requirements, and you have to collect objects for stunts and contain unlimited points. The MTV story mode is similar to the movie’s original cast, and voiceovers and outfits are created to explore more changes. In episode mode, players will complete all levels with arrangements of episodes and new stunts are provided in each episode.

  • Players will find more exciting elements of the game in director and theatre modes, as you can edit the storyline and direct the other characters to obtain surprising challenges and activities. 
  • You can also focus on behind the scenes activities during shooting and create a recording with the best angles to enjoy your performance.