Impossible Mission PSP ROM

Impossible Mission PSP ROM

Impossible Mission is an adventurous classical game to control the international missile emergency created by Elvin to destroy all universes within a limited time. The player will act as the secret agent who has to search the control room of the professor and reset all computerized systems of missile controllers. Players can easily enjoy the Impossible Mission on PSP and ROM players and enjoy the heart wrenching fighting situations with the security of the enemy.

General Information Description
Game Title Impossible Mission PSP ROM
Platform PlayStation Portable (PSP)
Release Date Unknown (as “PSP ROM” likely refers to an illegally copied version of the game)
Genre Action, Adventure
Developer Epyx
Publisher Epyx
Modes Single-player
ESRB Rating N/A (as “PSP ROM” likely refers to an illegally copied version of the game)
Description Impossible Mission is a classic action-adventure game originally released in 1984. In the game, the player takes on the role of a secret agent trying to stop an evil genius from taking over the world.

Security Protocol

The room of the professor is surrounded by robots, and these will try to finish you so that you can’t reach it in the limited time of six hours. These robots are present in each direction, each with a particular duty to destroy you.

  • Some robots are present with death rays that will kill you within minutes.
  • Cylindrical robots are available with the electric body, and they are not difficult to handle.
  • While another category of robots is hunting, and they move in a circular pattern and directions and chase you in a different directions.
  • You have to use powerful tools, a system that will be used to freeze targeted robots for a limited time so that you can complete your task.

Puzzles and Passwords of System

In Impossible Mission, the player has to search for passwords that can be displayed by instructions from the furniture room. The other way to get the password is to complete 39 puzzle challenges, and each puzzle is available with nine alphabets; you have to arrange letters and reset the missile system to protect the whole earth from atomic destruction.