Filedrunners is a stunning and defensive game with increasing towers; players will use weapons and battle strategies to defend their towers. As the game proceeds, the number of towers will increase, and players will try to defend the towers from opponents’ reach. The opponents will surround the towers, and they will try to enter from hidden doors to destroy you and your army. Players will build strict security and strong powers on these hidden doors to protect their armed towers.

Category Information
Game Title Fieldrunners
Developer Subatomic Studios
Publisher Subatomic Studios
Release Date October 1, 2008
Platform(s) iOS, Android, Nintendo DSi, PlayStation Portable, BlackBerry, Windows Phone
Genre Tower defense
Modes Single-player
Price $2.99 (iOS), Free with in-app purchases (Android)
Rating 4.5/5 (iOS), 4.2/5 (Android)
Description Fieldrunners is a classic tower defense game where players build towers to stop waves of enemies from reaching their base.

Variety of Defensive Modes

In Fieldrunners, players will be amazed at the variety of modes and never get annoyed by repeated passageways and challenging missions. There are the following modes of tower system to fight a group of enemies:

  • Classic Mode
  • Extended
  • Endless Mode

In these towers, players will continually move in towers, and you can never block the passage and target your enemies with hidden places. In Classical mode, players will enjoy up to 100 towers creation for limited numbers, while in the extended categories, a further four towers are built. In endless modes, players can build unlimited towers with more variety and difficulty levels.

Explore Unlimited HD Maps

The guided maps will help to explore towers and build the most famous towers like Goo, tesla Gatling, and many other towers. With the help of maps, players can enter through two different places from left and center origins, and you can add grassland and drylands with caves, and lava flows in your towers to explore the variety. You can select hard, easy, and medium modes to explore more adventurous and exciting towers and use powerful weapons and missiles to finish your enemies.