Hexyz Force

Hexyz Force

Hexyz Force is an adventurous RPG game to play characters of Cecilia and Levant protagonists players for PSP and PPSSPP. The upcoming missions will provide exciting surprises to provide you with sacred weapons with advanced elements of fighting points. You will enjoy the fighting ways on every corner and win every battle of fighting missions. The players will explore the advanced system of Hexyz Force by unlocking intensive missions and other helping characters.

Category Information
Game Title Hexyz Force
Release Date May 25, 2010
Developer Sting Entertainment
Publisher Atlus
Platforms PlayStation Portable
Genre Role-playing game
Modes Single-player
Synopsis Hexyz Force follows the journey of two protagonists, Cecilia and Levant, as they fight to save their world from destruction.

Background of Hexyz Force

The background story of Hexyz Force is very interesting, and Norvia, the god of creation, landed from the heavens and used vessel powers and created humans on earth with other various creations. After some decades, the god of destruction, Delgaia, landed and fought with Norvia to snatch all abilities, and it caused huge destruction in the universe. The protagonist’s players will help the creator god to fight destructive monsters to protect all creators of earth and the human population.

Battles with Hidden Treasures

Hidden treasures will be collected by players that will boost their fighting skills and harvesting points to make advanced movements in each battle. Players can also unlock weapons and tools to help fight with the opponent’s gods. Each player has a different storyline, and they will follow their strategies to find the villain who is destroying living places.

  • Players will activate helping characters that will help to defeat the enemies and collect more fighting points that will decide their level of power. 
  • Players can also upgrade their weapons, abilities, and fighting backgrounds by spending coins and protecting their creator regions.