Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law

Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a PSP video game designed to enjoy the attorney investigation and deal with all characters to solve all mysteries of cases. The players will act as the role of witnesses and collect observations and sources to defend and oppose both characters in each case. 

Game Title Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Developer High Voltage Software
Publisher Capcom
Release Date January 8, 2008
Platform Wii, PlayStation 2, PSP
Genre Adventure, Visual Novel
Modes Single-player
Synopsis Play as Harvey Birdman, an attorney at law in a law firm populated by other characters from the Adult Swim animated series. Solve cases and interact with characters from the show, using humor and satire to unravel the truth behind each case.
Reception Generally positive reviews, praised for its humor and faithfulness to the source material, but criticized for its repetitive gameplay and lack of challenge.
Availability Available for purchase on various online stores, including Steam and the PlayStation Store.

When players solve all facts and reasons, they will unlock the next case, and players will search for all details to cover the case. On meeting with proper instructions and information, players will be awarded booster points that will enhance performance for each petition in court and experience the funniest and most humorous facts.

Crime Scenes of Five Cases in Harvey Birdman

In all cases of attorney at law, players must be conscious about street fighters and gangsters, and sometimes these characters can prove good support for your cases. The voiceovers of each case are very interesting, and they are based on good soundtracks of the animated series of Harvey Birdman. There are five cases in which you have done trials, proofs, and investigations and made remarkable decisions.

  • Case of Burning question
  • Cleaning crew
  • Case from Glamour to Slamour
  • Personal Piracy
  • Two Birds and one throne

All the decisions are made with proper trials and prosecutor judgments, and sometimes the situation becomes more humorous, and you will enjoy all the proceedings of the cases. Players can also get external evident sources from other characters to support or challenge the decisions of the attorney and enjoy the gameplay with interesting, surprising facts and calculations for each case of Harvey Birdman