Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley

Many farmlands are being converted into parks, markets, and other building structures, and Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is designed on the same background. The main goal of players is to protect leaf valley from demolition and offer a deal to a corporate company to save your village. So to complete the process, players must make more crops and animals and have strong relations with villagers to protect the land of the leaf village.

Category Information
Game Title Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date March 19, 2009 (Japan), May 19, 2010 (North America), May 28, 2010 (Europe)
Developer Marvelous Entertainment
Publisher Natsume
Genre Simulation, Role-Playing
Modes Single-player
Storyline The player inherits a farm in Leaf Valley and must save it from destruction by completing various tasks and events throughout the game.
Features Farming, mining, fishing, raising livestock, interacting with townspeople, festivals, marriage and family building, multiple endings, and more.
Reception Generally positive reviews, praised for its depth and replayability, but criticized for its long load times and repetitive gameplay.
Sales No official sales figures available.

Increase Crop Fields

In Harvest Moon, there is a variety of bachelorette characters who will make strong efforts to build many crop fields and green landscapes to get more points. The main character will lead the team to engage in different activities, and the teamwork will develop interesting progress for farming and collecting more animals.

  • You can unlock the targeted levels to become an expert in farming skills and hire more workers to expand your fields. 
  • It will have a good impact on villagers, and you can develop strong relationships with them by doing part-time jobs and getting more money.

Complete Requirements to Raise your Family

In Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, another tough challenge is the family creation, and you have to complete the requirements for this level and unlock more surprising rewards. You must save money, build living structures with the required points, and unlock more exciting adventures.

You can use numerous steps and strategies to save your village and control all processes and activities of characters with PSP and ROM control systems. In the end levels, you will be known as here of leaf valley, and you can adopt many changes and earn more money to prevent your village from the strict actions of corporation authority.