Half-Minute Hero psp

Half-Minute Hero psp

Have you ever wondered what it would be like have only half a minute to save the world? It seems an enthralling, captivating, and engaging scene. However, it is more than that.

Category Information
Title Half-Minute Hero
Developer Marvelous Entertainment
Publisher Xseed Games
Release date Oct 13, 2009
Genre RPG
Modes Single & multiplayer
Platform PSP
Synopsis Parodic RPG with 30-second levels. Retro graphics and music. Positive reviews.
Reception Praised for humor and concept. Spawned sequels and spin-offs.

When you play Half-Minute Hero PSP, feeling blood gushing out of your vessels is typical. It is because the game gives you a practical enthralling experience. You might have played hundreds of action games in the past, but we assure you this one is matchless. You cannot escape the hormone-stimulating and hair-raising experience while playing the game.

Thrilling Factors of Half-Minute Hero PSP

The game under discussion is not an ordinary action or role-play game. It gives you only thirty seconds to save the world. Every mode comes with a different type of powerful and fierce enemy who wants destruction. You will be given only half a minute to defeat the opponent to save the world from devastation.

The following stunning elements of the game will help you cherish Half-Minute Hero PSP:

  • You will play the role of Hero 30, who acts as the world’s saviour.
  • He travels through different times of the world and meets several dangerous enemies.
  • These antagonists are psychopaths and want to destroy everything in the world.
  • Hero 30 meets the Time Goddess, who offers him a superpower at the cost of gold.
  • Now, with the help of proffered power, he will save everything from demolition within half a minute.

These are not the only stunning factors of the game; you will also get many more fun features.