Guilty Gear Judgment

Guilty Gear Judgment

Guilty Gear Judgement is a fantastic fighting game with exclusive defeating enemies to unlock the boss and surprising essentials of the challenges during different fight situations. You can play bundle versions of Guilty Gear Judgment in your ROM and PSP and enjoy the terrible and difficult modes that appear during competitions.

General Information Description
Game Title Guilty Gear Judgment
Developer Arc System Works
Publisher Majesco Entertainment
Platform PlayStation Portable
Release Date September 5, 2006 (NA), October 27, 2006 (EU)
Genre Fighting game/Action RPG
Modes Single-player, multiplayer
ESRB Rating Teen (13+)

Features of Guilty Gear Judgment

The fighting elements are available with advanced features, and you can enjoy exploring different situations with single and multiplayer modes. There are the following main features of guilty gear judgment:

  • There are more than twenty characters in Guilty Gear, and you will explore interesting story play for each character and complete eighteen fighting levels to get more expert in your fighting skills.
  • You can move your character with PSP controlled button to move, slide and jump with fast speed, and extra kicks and bonuses are provided to perform additional fight goals.
  • In advanced levels, players can unlock overdrive attacks and psych bursts to destroy their enemies. You can use emergency Guage when opponents attack your player, and you can regain more energy.
  • Guilty Gear offers three playing modes, story, survival, and play modes to collect the alphabets of judgment to activate your boss and unlock the next difficult level.

In the advanced levels, each character has an interesting ending of the levels, and they will become experts in combat skills to survive in these challenging situations.